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Desiring the Unknown

So, I'm just following my intuition, my guidance right now.

I just finished an intuitive session and was going to relax with some TV, and then I thought maybe I should read a book.

But then, the background sound of this song caught my attention... at a time of divine importance to me... displaying a word That is key to my purpose!

Soooo, Let’s just say my focus shifted... and the Oracle in me took over!

Immediately, I felt like, connecting with Spirit. I felt like hearing the sound healing of my singing bowl. I could watch the fire dance and shuffle my fingers through some oracle cards. I felt like smelling the divine incense of Earth’s fog and tasting natures herb on my tongue. I figure this would be a good time for creativity.

Lights out! I want to express myself in the dim light of flames. I just wanted to just connect with Spirit and feel its warmth surrounding me.

Feeling overcame my body. I felt excitement in my desire to be in Spirit.

Relaxation is being redefined right now for me, in spirit. To relax for me is not to binge watch. To relax for me is not to busy myself with something outside of myself.

I'm learning what feels good. I'm learning that to know God is all I truly desire. And if I put that at the forefront of my heart. Notice I did not say my mind. If I put it at the forefront of my heart.

My heart desires to know God! Why? Because, FREEDOM.

Because love

because abundance

because prosperity

because why not? My mind can get wrapped up in so much life, but if my heart calls to desire God and the fruition of God's kingdom, and love for all... If that is what my heart desires. Then so be it.

I just want to know God so desperately! What other reason is there to live, than to know love?

I can't attach myself to stories

I can't attach myself to drama

I can't attach myself to gossip

I can't attach myself to fear.

I can't attach myself to anything that does not push me towards knowing God,

towards knowing love,

towards knowing spirit,

towards knowing my ancestors,

towards knowing myself.

If it doesn't help me know God deeper,

if it doesn't help me know myself better,

if it doesn't help me know my history clearer then I don't want it. I don't care. It's irrelevant. Because what I have come to discover is that love is all around. But the minute I lose sight of my source, the minute I get distracted on anything outside of my mission to know more of God, to know more of this ultimate love... Every time my mind shifts from that focus. I miss out on love. I miss out on seeing Divine beauty. I miss out on resting and relaxing.

And people say no one wants to be happy all the time. Well surely you have not experienced the overwhelming joy of Spirit! It's not about being happy or being positive all the time, it's about realizing that you can... that the option of limitless joy is even available. Better yet accessible!

Realizing that even when I am sad, I am so fucking happy. Realizing that even when I am angry. I am also learning about myself As we release the beliefs that no longer serves us, then we become walking scripture. You will witness all things working out for your good as you desire Spirit. (Romans 8:28)

So my desire must be... every day when I wake up, to know more of this creator that created me. I must know my manufacturer. I must know my designer I must know God so that I may know why I exist and what I am to do here. I must know.

To gain knowledge is not solely a mental deposit. That's why I put the desire at the front of my heart because to know is to experience. If you remember the experiences and align them to the promises and step deeper into the unknown, which IS God, the One you seek to know!

Stepping into the unknown becomes a playful journey. Surrendering invites you to be innocent again. Active faith, allows you to be innocent, Again! It allows you to know your Creator from the position of a child who treads the unknown fearlessly.

I posed this question to my Facebook family not even realizing this question would create this written experience.

I must desire the unknown. I must desire that which I seek to know.

I must desire this love,

this freedom,

this unity. I must desire that MORE than anything! More than the children,

more than the car,

more than the financial security

more than the lover! so the will I see the fulfillment of love everywhere. The more I witness it, the more I have to share to deposit into those I affirm to love!

Well, I guess I should get to it then... looks like I lost myself in the words again! Now for some relaxation...

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