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Five ways to Ground Yourself

Updated: Jan 14

Quickly ground yourself in any setting using your five senses

Inspiration My Kinder had a science lesson on the five senses this week. The text read, like scientist we can use our senses to observe. This lesson went along with reading My Five Senses . The kids enjoyed focusing on their senses. As freely as the information downloaded into her brain I remembered how fast the world pushed me to deny the awareness of my senses. As an adult it took a lot of reprogramming to consciously trust my senses and allow them to work for me.

“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” — Psalms‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Reflect & Remember This lesson reminded me of one ways I center myself during an anxiety attack. I saw this once in a movie which sadly I don’t remember. It’s been my go to practice over the last few years. Recently I saw online that it’s been a popular grounding method! You can only imagine my excitement. My Spirit knew what it needed without having the logic to back it up! The 5-4-3-3-1 Method

  1. 5 things you can see

  2. 4 things you can touch

  3. 3 things you can hear

  4. 2 things you can smell

  5. 1 thing you can taste

Application By focusing on your senses you become aware of your present security. In this moment you are safe. Wouldn’t you like to always feel safe? Even Maslow’s hierarchy of needs marks safety & security a basic human need. Growth and healing is stagnant without this root base. If you make grounding a natural part of your day imagine the tools your children gain access to. A conscious parent is a conscious person first. What you do for you effects the entire tribe. We are no longer repeating the pattern of dumping our woes onto our loved ones to bare. A conscious parent and lover takes personal responsibility. It is not always easy but to be aligned, centered or grounded it is your responsibility.

On average, I center myself at least three times a day. Before starting the day align yourself with The Divine. About midday, after work shake off the mental strain before diving into mommy mode. This is a grounding point I can’t afford to miss. My entire evening will be off if I don’t refocus. Before going to sleep release the day by calling your Spirit back to you. Did you know, you leave a little piece of you in every encounter.

If you ever feel limited on time these next few practices can shift your entire day. You can do one or as many as needed. Your senses work interdependently. Every one of these are rituals you probably do on a regular basis. Unconsciously. I invite you to drop some intention in front of each practice. All that means is knowing and consciously affirming the why behind your actions. What is the ultimate outcome? Without further ado these are the five senses of grounding!

Five Senses of Grounding Hearing

  • Music - Music easily accessible and multifaceted! Induced movement plus the added bonus of an emotional boost! What mood do you want to feel? Play a song that reminds you of that feeling.

  • Singing Bowls - Inexpensive and magnetic! Also known as meditation bowls, the vibrations of the bowl activate healing on a cellular level. This may be an acquired sound for adults but children will gravitate to calm themselves.


  • Incense Sticks- The aroma trickles down into your body offering peace and relaxation. With so many different scents you can find incense specific to your intended desire.

  • Palo Santo - Similar to an incense stick, this “holy wood” used in many hispanic cultures, smoothes the atmosphere. Sages is a purifier whereas Palo Santo brings in the peace and balances the energies of the room.


  • Hugs - Kids love hugs and rarely turn them down. If your partner is up for it take your shot. Allow them the freedom to say no. Remember it is not their responsibility to ground you.

  • Touch Yourself- Take a cleansing shower or soothing bath and lather yourself in lotion. If you’re really in need of some grounding take pleasure in pleasing your paradise. *For a real magical shift Invite your partner to listen in!*


  • Focus on something simple in clear sight: pen on the table or a plant in a near corner. Allow thoughts around the object of focus to take you on a journey.

  • Visualize - Close your eyes (if in a secure setting) and breathe in the stillness that is you. Instead of focusing on an object create a mental movie. Pick a location and let your mind play with new realities. Return to this safe space each time you need to recenter.


  • Ice cream - Who doesn’t love ice cream? Keep an emergency pint of ice cream or popsicles stocked. You inner child will thank you! Remember all those time you missed out on the ice cream truck?

  • Drink Water - Water has always been a healing agent. Think of all the ways water is used. With some added intention drink from the limitless well that never runs dry. You’ll be feeling like the Space Jam All Stars in no time!

While these are only a fraction of grounding techniques, they’re effective! Simply just stepping outside or mindfully placing your bare feet into the earth can recenter you. What grounding methods have you used? Share your experiences in the comments! Peace & Love

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